2018, News

KFS Week 1

Todlers and mothers were the first to enter under the protection of the pink parachute. The wood animals were waiting.

Three came that first Wednesday morning. Holly and Ivy.

KFS First HollyKFS First -8KFS First -7KFS First -10KFS First -11KFS First -12

A fire was made

And we ended with a dance, naturally

KFS First -13

Home schooling

Hardly time to turn around, we did, and welcomed our first radical (rooted) children for the afternoon.

“When I was at school” Mell began, “I was asked what I wanted to be when I grew up. A Lolly pop lady, I said. She was the kindest person I knew and I wanted to be like that.
‘I think you’d ought to think of something else’, the adults advised. So here I am at last, being a lolly pop lady, halting where the forest river road transects with the woodland path.”

Bug collecting, clay working, stick fighting, exploring, finding a piece of chalk in the ground and drawing a butterfly, all this happened on our first day.

KFS Week 1-2KFS Week 1-3KFS First HomeKFS Week 1-4

KFS First Home-3KFS Week 1-5KFS First Home-4

KFS Week 1

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