2018, News

KFS Week 2

The week of the OAK.

Heads down thumbs up. Through Speaking stick we devised our rules of our TRIBE and our wood, from giving each other space to not stepping on young trees. Eloise gave us a brief history of permaclture – looking after and sharing, Plant, Self and Other.  A strong south west wind blew, the Ash stem bent. We gave thanks to the wind. For Christian and Louis for helping to make the den. For the Artist Molly, for Gracie’s basket of fungi.

An American from Los Angeles came to visit us and promised to return with some sand dollars, some shells and perhaps some sand from Venice Beach. One of our students knew what sand dollars were – I didn’t. Sand dollar (also known as a sea cookie or snapper biscuit  pansy shell) refers to species of extremely flattened, burrowing sea urchines.

Tod Forest School

We had our first Twilight session inviting after school kids. A veritable troupe came up from Holton School accompanied by Kate. We were expecting 6 and 14 arrived. Welcome.

We began our exploration of fungi, easily finding King Alfreds Cakes and attempting some identification, and our artist found natural ink in the Ink Cap to draw with.

And we began to learn the gentle art of creating a spark, and lighting a fire.

KFS Sept 19 2018-2KFS Sept 19 2018-3KFS Sept 19 2018-520180919_142114KFS Sept 19 2018-4KFS Sept 19 2018

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