2018, News

KFS Week 3 – September 26

This weeks tree was HAZEL

More and more are registering. We are almost up to our quota’s. Working with the early Toddler group, I realise how important Forest School play and experience is not only for the toddler but also the parent. It is nourishing and with Eloise bending hazel and making harps with wool, it wakes up our creativity, our left brain.

I forgot to photograph one, but here’s a small selection from that day. We had a guest in the morning, Nicky, a fellow teacher who specialises in Play. Naturally it was a time of fungi and the garrulous groupie Sulphur Tuft had come up on the fallen willow branch that gives us so much in the way of surprises. I worked with a natural budding builder building a useful box with hazel cords. Michael Imison also visited us to measure up for some hurdled fencing, in preparation for and to protect us from the North Wind of winter.

KFS Sept 26 2018KFS Sept 26 2018-2KFS Sept 26 2018-3KFS Sept 26 2018 FUngiKFS Sept 26 2018-4

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