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Fencing the pond

John Esling, from a company companionably called Hedgery, wrote us a remarkable proposal, remarkable as he was so much in line, in tune, in touch with all of our teaching and thinking. Here it is Holton Fence Esling.

He arrived today, to start working with Paul to create a boundary around the two ponds in KaliWoods, to make safe for adventurous children. Part of the boundary will be alive woven willow. Part will be laid hazel or holly or what is around the pond already. Part will be woven hazel. The front will be like a gallery.

It was a busy Monday. We staked out, delineated the perimeter of the ponds. We worked out the hidden secret gateway across the middle bund. Off we went to Sal and Nicky’s to cut some of their willow from a crinkly cranky willow hedge they’d created.
‘Beware – this is just this years growth’, said Sal, ominously, as we looked up to over a meters vigorous growth. We cut yellow, black and red stemmed willow, stuffed in the back of John’s motor and headed back after delicious coffee, amaretti biscuits and an exchange of news.

Meanwhile Tim Perkins, doing some tree work near by, kindly dropped off a load of excellent oak wood chippings which will keep dry our path to the pink parachute this winter. Michael came by to discuss with John the type of Hurdles he thinks we need- another kind benefactor who is giving us 4-5 hurdles which will be like wind breaks this winter, if the cold ever arrives. Today was balmy and none of the rain that has flooded Wales came our way.

While Paul started making the willow hedge at the back of the pond, John began laying the hazel. We will keep some willow back in case it does not take this winter to try again in the spring. But the weather so mild and ground still warm, we think our chances are fine.

Wood Pond Hedge John EslingWood Pond Hedge John Esling-2Wood Pond Hedge John Esling-4Wood Pond Hedge John Esling-5Wood Pond Hedge John Esling-3


2 thoughts on “Fencing the pond”

  1. What a smashing thoughtful project plan by John. This will be far from a fence, more like an adventure in itself. S xx


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