2018, News

Fencing the Pond – Day 3

‘It’s not like working here’, said John Esling. ‘It’s like a dance’.
Pronouncement of the day on this, another glorious, rainless, sunshine October day, and day 3 of creating a boundary around the pond.

Fencing the Pond day 3Fencing the Pond day 3-6Fencing the Pond day 3-5Fencing the Pond day 3-3

Sal and Nicky’s willow woven along the southern boundary of the pond.

Fencing the Pond day 3-220181016_154049Fencing the Pond day 3-7Fencing the Pond day 3-4

More stakes made
Finished staking out the hazel hornet headland (HHH) so named. Where the guitar will gently play, Smoke on the water.
Binding began, the triple roller binding at the top and double in the middle to dissuade even smaller people. Paul now proficient at double binding.
Lots of cutting, pointing up. Some standing back to see. Hornbeam and hazel stands that fall in the pond edge are cut and laid.
The albums of Brian Eno discussed, My Life in the Bush of Ghosts (1981)

As we drink tea at the end of the day, John concludes: It’s not excluding so much as including the pond. And please mention the Japanese concept of Ma.
Shall we move the ammonite?

Meanwhile, Christian and Misha laid the chippings towards the pink parachute, and found some fungi.

ChippingsFencing the Pond day 3 FungiFencing the Pond day 3 FUngi-2


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