2018, News

KFS November

Did we ever catch up with the day?

Our todler group was all H’s. We started by building a hedgehog hibernation home, location chosen by one of our 3 visitors that day, John Esling, our pond fencing man, who wisely pointed out that the decaying wood would give nutritian to various bugs and fungi that the hedgehog may also find appetising. Inspired by Holly we made leaf Kebabs and left them behind in case the hedgehog got hungry after a night out on the forest.

With John here, we ventured to our hazel hedge and took the opportunity of doing a risk assessment around the ponds, and fitting in a spot of weaving hazel.

With the Home Eds we got the wormery operating. With worms from somewhere off the internet, moved from car to car, home to home and finally here. Mell picked them up.
HOw does it feel?
Like spagetti, she said
And T had a go first with one them with a hole bunch of them.
It tickles, he said

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