2018, News

Kaliwood Ponds are framed

Thanks to the great John Esling, the Kaliwood ponds are now framed with woven hazel and some willow. In fact there are 6 different styles used, including one done exclusively by Kinda kids.

Here are the photographs and here’s  a video of John teaching the kids

Kaliwood Pond Fence-13Kaliwood Pond Fence-14Kaliwood Pond Fence-15Kaliwood Pond Fence-16Kaliwood Pond Fence-17IMG_4372IMG_4376Kaliwood Pond Fence-2Kaliwood Pond Fence-4Kaliwood Pond Fence-5Kaliwood Pond Fence-6Kaliwood Pond Fence-7Kaliwood Pond Fence-8Kaliwood Pond Fence-9Kaliwood Pond Fence-10Kaliwood Pond Fence-11Kaliwood Pond Fence-12Kaliwood Pond Fence

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