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KFS November 28 – Stone soups to brilliant bodging

Two news. A new more permanent sign – a good omen – put up by Tino over the weekend, and decorated with Holly, which was our tree of the day. A new roundabout enabling a more fluid circulatory system around the hardstanding – tested and kinda worked. Needs a bit more tweaking.

Our tree was Holly. Here’s a bit about Holly

Holly Ilex aquifolium
Holly is dioecious, meaning that its male and female plants occur on separate trees. The bright red fruit is only on female plants.
The lower leaves have the most prickles, for these were the most scavenged by hungry animals such as deer. The higher leaves often have hardly any prickle and are mostly smooth.
Holly, in common with the coniferous evergreen Yew, is resistant to Honey Fungus.
It is common in forests of oak and is a pioneer species
The tree was seen as a fertility symbol and a charm against witches, goblins and the devil. It was thought to be unlucky to cut down a holly tree.
Holly wood is the whitest of all woods, and is heavy, hard and fine grained. It can be stained and polished and is used to make furniture or in engraving work. It is commonly used to make walking sticks.

Kitted out in our wet suits, we began with Sage, who was under her umbrella today, and searched for Crow, who was sheltering in his nest. All gathered, we made Spider apples then Stone soup -delicious – giving our waste to the Wallace the Wormery

KFS apple spidersKFS Sage UmbrellaKFS Sage walkersKFS Stone SoupKFS Wallace Womery

With the Home Eds, Mell and Eloise did a dramatic re inaction of Stone Soup, with the addition of various characters arriving to contribute a vegetable or spice to the soup. While it was cooking we skipped, of course. Something I had not done for almost 50 years! I should do this more often.

With a leap of imagination and a prototype round the corner we cobbled together a new shelter, a green poly tunnel. Missing one vital piece, Mell ingeniously bodged, with hazel and gaffer tape. YES! It will keep our stuff dry and close by.

KFS bodging with hazel and gafferKFS Preparing the new cover


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