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KFS – December – Oak boards, sawing, and millions of moths

KFS Todler

The frog story with toddler group


Mell teaching Gracie to saw

KFS Boards-3

We are at the final stages of preparing our oak boards – gifts from this wood to our kitchens. 3 years ago, 9 oaks were felled, and once planked they were used to make the cabin in the wood. We are using their left overs, well seasoned and hardened strong oak, to make kitchen boards for our families and friends. Using sandpaper we are smoothing their faces and their edges, revealing their grain and true colour. Next week we will oil them. Here are some before photo’s which if we remember we will compare to the after photos.

KFS Boards-5

KFS Boards-4KFS BoardsKFS Boards-2

Someone found a huge Funnel Fungi – with no tape measure to measure it we put down a pen to indicate the size of it. The pen is 14 cm’s (5 and a half inches).

KFS Funnel

The hamock is always popular.

KFS hamock

In the middle of the twilight session, Mell cried out –
‘Wow – come here everyone’, and we did, with our head torches lowered. All along the path through the wood were moths, thousands of them. So we put up a sheet and put a light behind it to attract them. Gracie was enthralled. She knew quite a bit about moths.

KFS moth-2KFS moth

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