2019 Latitude Festival Review

Why did we do it

We were already embarked on the Planets (to make a solar system in the woods, and applying for funding from the Windfarm Community) to link in with the 50th Anniversary of the Moon Landing July 2020.
The opportunity of taking part in the Trailer Park at Latitude (via Roz who stayed at East Lodge) was given to us – a cheeky entry of creating a Rocket Trailer out of our Trike.
We – led by Lewin – were already restoring the abandoned Trike.
We had the chance of some more funding. (£500)
We had the gift of a free entry into a local festival with tickets going for £80 a day £50 kids

In summary it was an opportunity to explore, be creative and venture into the unknown. It was also a marketing opportunity to promote Kinda Forest School, and potentially get some more recruits.

Did we succeed?

Yes, £500 to renovate the trike and incorporate into the larger solar system fits. Long term this could be our solar light power for KFS winter time, and be a regular marketing tool on or off site.

How much was child led?

Lewin led the bike renovation. Very useful to have David here for that one day, working with Lewin on the bike, for non of the rest of us has that skill or knowledge. Lewin easily took charge of the bike and instructed others how to clean off rust, and spray black.
The Disco idea and Mirror tiles were born from Mell, Chris and Rachel
Molly led the creative concept of painting windows to the universe from inside the ISW
Bo – the greatest follower of Space – led becoming Neptune.
Jazdire – with her great knowledge of Roman myths, facepainting and creativity added an effective dimension.

Rachel organised the Latitude logistics -this could not be child led!

At the Festival

Exposed the kids to a huge festival within a safe environment – they could come back to base, feel proud to be part and parcel of the festival,
Good to feel part and parcel of this celebration – with Astronauts wifes next door and various other reflections on the 50 years since the moon walk.
All parents who supported, Emily, Luke and Barry, were in valuable and fabulous.
Many came by the stall keen to ask about forest school but the catchment was not local, they came from Cambridge, Norwich, Stevenage etc

I would have liked…
More interaction – I would have loved to have done Mells idea of moving around with a rope and dancing becoming the planets etc. I would have liked to have instigated the labels for the ISW, Writing on the blackboard van was a good interaction and very popular.

The borrowed from Chris stuff, brilliant as it solved an immediate problem – meant we had to start again with and re-assemble. ie speakers, controller and player. Chris very kindly has said he’d spec for this and perhaps give us the sound track that he and Marley made. It was brilliant with the astronaut voices recorded.


I hope the trike has a good legacy and does become our source of solar light for the winter. We need to find a way of storing it off the ground to minimise rust.
Preparation FORMS – time consuming but successful
Grants – Windfarm and Latitude
Safeguarding, Risk Assessment etc
We have an excellent Kinda Forest School banner which has already been used outside Latitude


£1,500 from Windfarm to develop Solar System in woodland and invite parents and involve local
£500 from Kildare and Trailer Park to develop International Space Wagon
(Long term use as solar power for KFS)
Good – Solar panel etc fitted by Chris / Mirror tiles?
Not cost effective – 4 space suits – kids got their own.