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KFS 2019 First Monday tribe

Joey and Laurie, Flicity and Benny, Gwen and Rowan, Anna and Brooke, Ly and Rosie, Karma and Leela, Eloise, Kym and Rachel arrived in Kaliwoods on a January Monday morning for the start of the Monday Tribe.

kfs monday january

The first to meet us was Crow, (seen below just peeking in the middle)  then with Leela’s help – for Leela had been here before – we asked the branches of the naked trees if we could come into the wood. We listened. They swayed, the wind in them, and we took this as a yes, so we came in.

kfs monday january-2

Eloise had started the fire to warm us and the kettle, but the first thing we did was to explore. We found the Name Tree – a bendy Hazel – with our names on it. We walked our boundary, following the flags. We found Clarissa, our compost toilet.We found the ponds, and their beautiful bendy hazel frame. We found the violin case which was now a birds nest.

kfs monday january-3

On the way back we found some tea cups in trees, and lo! we found a whole picnic area, with fruit for us to eat after our long journey around the wood. And there, under a pile of leaves was SAGE!

kfs monday january-4kfs monday january-5kfs monday january-6

Rowan found a hole in a tree to explore the next time.

kfs monday january-7

Leela took care of Sage. Crow experimented with eating ash then had a bath.

kfs monday january-8

Benny, who had been Crow, found a worm in Eloise’s pocket so put it with the rest of the worms in Wallace the Wormery. The worms were slow to day but still busy digesting pumpkin seeds. Benny fed worm fertiliser to our tree saplings in our tree nursery.

kfs monday january-9

Meanwhile Rachel made Chai for the parents and we spoke a bit of India. Here is how to make Indian Chai. 

kfs monday january-10

To end with Kym read a story. We put our names back on the name tree, and went on our ways.

kfs monday january-11

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