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KFS 2019 – Saturday January 12

Our first Saturday meeting was on a dull January day, in which the first thing we did was make a fire! (After being welcomed into the wood by Crow) . We explored. We explored our new Forest friends. We walked our boundary. We found Clarissa, the ponds and the old boots and ended up at the WW2 mens toilets – always a highlight it seems.

kfs saturday

Finding our names on the name tree



On the way we found SAGE! and a laid out tea party, with some light refreshments, delicious biscuits and segments of a tangerine. Meanwhile Ryan was whipping up some pancake mixture extraordinaire, which we feasted on.





We did some sawing to get wood for the fire, and to keep warm. We collected wood in from around on the forest floor. Rachel told us a bit of the history of the wood, how it was used during the war as a hospital for American airmen stationed near by (and she said if she found time, she’d put up a bit of information on this web site!)

kfs saturday-2



Eloise told us a story about tails. One of the dads told us a story about how animals got their tails in Australia (and why dogs sniff out around the tails of other dogs – to see if they’ve got the right tail). One of the tribe told us a story of 3 different colours fighting. Then two colours, a blue and a red befriended and made another colour, purple, and all lived in harmony. (Is this a Brexit metaphor we wondered?)  Finally Kym read us a story about squeezing into spaces before we all squeezed into the spaces in our cars and went home.

KFS November -7

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