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KFS2019 – Monday Tribe

It was a day of ANIMALS – a veritable ZOO

First we found mouse and squirrel in the woods, swinging in a basket on a swing, snuggled up in leaves.

kfs monday january

Returning to base the tribe found that the Dragon food they prepared last week was missing from the oven.
“Did the toothless dragon come?’, they asked.
‘Yes, on Thursday he came and ate all the food.’, said Eloise

So they made some more, along with Sand Tea.
“You canntot taste dragon food, they said to Eloise, ‘Or you will turn into a puddle’.
And what did Eloise do? She tasted it of course. Naturally she turned into a horizontal puddle.
Luckily she was saved first by MONKEY then by DEER.

We all warmed ourselves up with human food and hot chocolate.

We met the worm family, Anti Carol and Uncle Bob, Cousin Frederika and mum and dad worm, who were a bit slow today. so we gave them some extra padding in the form of a saucepan full of wood chip, which we collected from the handy wood chip pile on our path.

kfs monday january-2

kfs monday january-3

Then Benny suggested we take the animals for a safari, a walk, an exploration, a wood adventure. So we put them in our trolly, wrapped them up in a blanket and took it in turns to drive the trolly, in fact we all drove the trolly, front, side and back, over the rough terrain of the woodland. A short distance away we found some perfect Bendy Hazel poles, and each of us in turn, cut a stick of hazel. This we can use to make a bender next time. A bender to home the animals and us.

We left the trolly by the wise tree for next time, for this is where we will build our bender.

kfs monday january-4kfs monday january-5kfs monday january-6kfs monday january-7


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