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2019KFS Home Ed Jan 30 – bottles and bats

Snow cold, fire going, tribe arriving, porridge on, Michael’s huge spoon stirring. We are missing a few, down with seasonal colds and under the weather. Molly, Ben, Max Gabriel, we missed you.

kfs jan 30

A riddle hunt began: ‘I am about 80 years old. The gift left by many men (Americans?) has been the food for trees and ivy that now cover me.’ Mable got it. The men’s Urinals. and so we began our quest which took us around the woodland. Mable and Lewin got the most answers. Mell and Tristum gave us a surprise snow ball attack as we came down to the Dryads Saddle.

I am a dying Wood Nymph, called a Dryad’s Saddle. There’s not MUSH-ROOM for me to grow.

At the Titanic. If you disturb me, I open my eyes for a minute. (Eloise composed) the pond of course, and Gracie got it, if you throw in a stick the green slime gives way to the water, just for a minute. Like an eye opening. 

In me birds play music and out of me an orchestra is made

What exists you, enters me, and alters with the passing of time, to bring new life

I am an Ash Trident.

You met me last week, laid hazel, to become a boundary, a barrier

I am the only Pine in the wood

Return to the place of fire, energy and heart of the tribe.

kfs jan 30-5kfs jan 30-2kfs jan 30-4kfs jan 30-3

Our first adventure was to the local dump, which we’d discovered last week. With due attention, we entered down into it, and found treasure, abundant treasure, some to just observe and wonder and some to bring back and reuse. Glass jars and bottles by the hundred, some melted perhaps in a fire, some with their lids on,some with writing on. A piece of an old car, with inside plastic. Metal washing tubs. An old metal bucket with concrete inside perhaps mixed with horse hair. Some recent golf caddy’s. Our treasure to bring back were two strong metal supports to make a table, and old metal bench, oh and some astro turf, which became immediately useful.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, Luis made a swing. (They do enjoy a bit of danger, observed Eloise wisely) Luis’ chicks, Munchkin and Cherry, were the most popular ornaments of the day. We all held them, we even took off our gloves to feel their heart beat.

kfs jan 30-7

kfs jan 30-11kfs jan 30-6

Levin made a table using the strong metal supports we had just acquired, planked with oak, and this became our exhibition of glass and other pieces of archeology.

The Tricycle progressed too. Levin found that just with a bit of WD40 (that wonder thing) and elbow greece with a bit of wire wool, removed the surface rust and the handlebars were shining chrome again.

Gina and Mell concocted a delicious chick pea curry and baguettes transformed into garlic bread, carbonized or not, delicious. Tristim go his feet wet, then tickled by Eloise.

kfs jan 30-8kfs jan 30-9

Our Second Adventure was to the Bat Bunker. Some stelth mode was almost necessary, but we only met friendly people, and some bats naturally. The bat bunker is a WW2 bunker converted into a bat dwelling. They like dark, wet and lots of food, and the bunker offers a perfect habitation, attracting a mass of mosquitoes and other delicious savory insects that bats like to feast on. They found comfortable lodgings in our home made bat bricks, actually made of wood (by Chris Harris one of the residents on the Park.) There they were, hanging up in the corners. Not sure what type of bat, perhaps a Natterers or Daubenton – shorter ears. In addition a moth and lots of spiders.

kfs jan 30-14kfs jan 30-13kfs jan 30-12

Just time for a delicious banana flan, hot drink, a weave of hazel around the bender, a go on the tricycle around the roundabout, or a push into the woods, and time to go home.

kfs jan 30-10d




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