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2019KFS – Wednesday Feb 27

It was Gina’s birthday, so we had a cake (baked in our Dutch oven) and a box to hit to get out the surprise – a Pinata.

In tools the Apprentice’s made toadstools and mushrooms.

Lewin bought along his mini bike, which was immediately popular, and it rocked around with the tricycle with different tribe members taking turns.

Mable and Gracie made cats out of clay

Kym  moved chippings to the roundabout

Meditations – done by all the M’s and Gina

Peacock calling

Eloise put up the rope walkway

Gina did some dying of wool and material, using leaves of nettle, bay and oak.

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The Fox
It was my first day back after Oz, and I was going round in a blur of jet lag, until woken up by Kym saying she’d seen a dead fox by the side of the road. When I discovered car breaks had seized, I got the bike out, and found the fox by the side of Bungay road. It looked so alive and peaceful I squatted beside it to check it wasn’t  breathing. Into the Morrison’s carry bag, into the bike pannier, all fitted except the bushy tail that dangled outside and bked back to the wood, Mell, who had the unusual skill of skinning foxes, introduced us to the fox. She talked of it’s life, what it had eaten, how it had lived. We saw it was a female fox so considered she may be pregnant. We thanked the fox for her life. She cut into the belly skin and pulling the skin at the same time as cutting back the fat, she skinned the fox expertly, even down to it’s tail. Luis who was with us throughout, volunterrd to find the heart and the insides.  Another heart in Luis’s hand. Inside the stomach we found undigested feathers and fur of her last meal.