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2019KFS – Wednesday 6th March – springy

Spring in the air, in the raising sap, budding hazel, hawthorn, and definitely springing tribe.

Jasbir and Kiren visited up and taught Elouise the four directions in Hindi.

Ave and Molly played it. Making dens.Playing rough and tumble. With Gabriel making the den.Gathering woodchip. Mable and Rosie and Elouise made a tightrope, tested out.Even tried to do the Hulahop on it. Tristum rode the trike, round and round. Jack with Rachel planted a patch of snowdrops.

Mushrooms and mallets made in the tool area. A new cool coat hanging area made out of hazel

Gina continued with her dying, this time with sheeps wood and alder cones. Molly and Luis did the washing up (we missed Fin!)

A desire for Nutella promoted a huge discussion on PalmOil.

PANKCAKE day – which included the Jesus and Buddha pancake, which Mell ate.





KFS March Teachers doing

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