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Hurdles arrived

Kaliwood Hurdles

On a very wet day (unusually wet these dry days), Jim rocked up with his trailer full of robust hurdles. These are generous gifts from Michael (Imison) who gifted them after a couple of visits to our burgeoning forest school project last Autumn. ‘What do you need’, he asked Mell. Hurdles she said, to protect us from the oncoming winter winds and rain’, she suggested. They arrive near the first day of spring.
They were too heavy for me even to lift a corner.
“Yes, they will be strong. They are framed in sweet chestnut” Jim explained, unbuckling the ratchets. He comes from Weybred way, so very local, and was full of apologies for being late. But how could anyone complain when he bought along 2 magnificent Teepee’s – the kids will love these. Woven with different coloured willow around hazel poles, they have a strong entrance begging to go into.

Later Jo and MJ helped to moved them out of the roundabout system, and even they found them heavy. They will lighten up as they age, said Jo, repeating what Jim had said.

KFS 2019 March Wednesday Equinox-11

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