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KFS Monday Tribe – fire and treasure finding

In order to get the treasure, we had to find the map. In order to find the map we had to find a number of things around the Name Tree. Like a piece of red. A rough texture. But we found all, and the bendy bough of hazel came down for us, and we fond the map.

Benny led the way, he knew the plotting points, the rope swings and the ropes tied to trees. He led the tribe who ran first to the swings. With a few red herrings, and a hot and cold hint, (“LOOK UP!), someone – who I forget,  found the basket high in the tree. One found the way to lower it (the rope tie) and so lowered, we found the treasure: POP CORN!

A fire needed to be made to cook the corn. We gathered sticks, thin, breaking sticks. Eloise showed us how to light the fire. And we blew, and we blew, but none of us as good as Eloise – she blew for 14 seconds.

Eloise opened up the tool area, and some made a spear, and one a knife.

Some played on the swings, some swung on the ropes.

At the end, a story of course.

Oh, and Gina cooked the PopCorn, and delicious banana oaties, which all the tribe and their hungry families ate.

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