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KFS 2019 Wednesday March Equinox

It’s Equinox!

After learning that Jack and Ave have been on a march in Norwich about Climate Change, Mell thinks that Kinda Forest School should join in with the Children’s March on Climate Change – Halesworth watch out!

With her DRUM, Mell welcomes in each compass point Shredded Wheat (North South East West).
After doing some homework myself, I introduced the two rotations of the earth: one on it’s own axis and one around the sun. However, the nub was the TILT of the EARTH – the 23 degrees that give us our seasons. With 3 yellow footballs as Suns, a Health Robinson Earth with hazel axis, and a ping pong ball as the moon, 3 groups performed the Winter, Summer and Equinoxes.

It’s always good to learn and yesterday was no exception for me: From Kym and Levon, I leaned that while I thought the sun was a static object in our solar system, it is far from it, nothing of course is static. ‘Everything in the known universe rotates on an axis and orbits something else in space. The Sun is no exception. We mainly talk about everything in the solar system orbiting the Sun and celestial objects outside the solar system being in relation to the Sun. The answer to the question is : Yes. The Sun and the entire solar system orbits around the center of the Milky Way galaxy. The average velocity of the solar system is 828,000 km/hr. At that rate it will take about 230 million years to make one complete orbit around the galaxy.’ (Universetoday)

While Luis and his new friend Alle’d (and none of us could get the joke) all day long, Jack and I planted out the last snow drops at the entrance of the wood, Molly did knots and woodwork, Gina boiled her wool,

We went on an walk. Modestly to the sandpits, but so much to find on the way gave plenty of adventure. With the young bring eyes, we found old WW2 metal pieces. Luis fond a huge piece of stone, which may or may not be flint, which he threw down a hill and it broke into pieces. One of them looks like a fossil.

A quiet meditation at the end of the day by Mell was popular and felt good.

A washing machine day, as Mell described it later.

Thank you Michael Imison for the gift of the hurdles and the great wigwams.


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