2019, News

KFS Mondays in March

Mondays tribe continue to adventure, play, experiment, working things out about themselves, learning new tricks, bursting with wonderful thoughts, and observing the world around them. It is a joy to be amongst them.

Only this week they discovered Lion’s eggs, although it was observed that they would probably be bigger if they were lions eggs as lions are quite big, so maybe more likely to be mouse eggs. I was told: “It’s really nice everyone is being really kind today”

These last two sessions they sampled some tasty green super juice, made rivers, found treasure, hung out with lilliputs in their secret garden, collected many many treasures. I can’t wait for the adventures to continue. We will be back after Easter. If you think your small people might like to join the fun do get in touch!

KFS Monday MarchKFS Monday March-2KFS Monday March-3KFS Monday1

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