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KFS April After Easter

KFS April-5We had a catch up. Eloise had been to Wales  where she bought back some beautiful slate, Mell to Durham, Rachel to Germany (where for 5 days philosophers talked around one question: Under what circumstances is it right to disagree?)

Mell spoke of the current Extinction Rebellion taking place around the UK, and of the inspiring Swedish girl, Gretta, who was getting even the United Nations out of their prams and taking action on Climate Change. She’s aged 16, she’s just one girl, and she’s moving the world in the right direction. Mia interpreted the Extinction Rebellion sign: It’s like an hour glass in the earth.


Be the change you want to be

Molly, Jasbir and Rachel did a reconnaissance of the woods – none of them had been here for a couple of weeks, and the change was explosive. The hazel was out, the oaks bursting, the Ash still asleep. A carpet of Dogs Mercury (Mercurialis perennis) lined the woodland floor. Borrage, blue and white, attracted butterflies (and all parts can be eaten according to Molly), Jack in the Hedge (which we also sampled, peppery) Lords and Ladies beginning, Honey suckle twisting, pink campions, teasel leaves. Four butterflies: Orange Tip, Peacock, Speckled wood and Peacock.

Levon Lemon began the day with a bit of bike racing, used a ramp with Lewin, before he first bought a phone from the phone shop, and finally got a job there, manufacturing the phones. Grace and Mabel were in charge of the phone shop. While Gracie worked the shop selling the phones and accessories, (Apple, Pear, Mango, Blueberry, Apricot), Mabel was the designer, choosing the colour for the Apps. Mell got an App to find her chicken and it worked. Lewis pointed out that we were not actually allowed to operate the phones in the wood, but we were permitted to look at them. Jonas broke the rules, took a call and spoke far too loudly.Then there were those who STOLE from the phone shop, Maya and Lewin in particular. But an instant KARMA arrived and Lewin fell in the chase, Mell, the body mechanic, fixed the sprain. Did he steel 3 blue tooth speakers? Who will know. However the steeling was redeemed by some good Karma previously  – Lewin cut and prepared the wood for the fire. Meanwhile Maya  cuddled a chicken, probably 95% of the time.

KFS April-6

The highlight for Lewis, Ava and Jack was the egg hunt. Led by Lewis and starting with the first clue (No 1) each clue took them around the wood to the next egg.

Eloise earth helped Mable make miniature chairs, took charge with Kym and Gina of the cooking which was delicious herb and potato omelet, she made delicious bread with her own olive oil, while watching Mell and Kym become competitive.

John Esling – he who framed the pond in hazel – rocked up unexpectedly and may come and stay in the woods for a while.

And Mell – all she did was empty the green shed, all day long.

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