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KFS May Solar System begins…

We started on our Solar adventure today, with Mnemonics, or Monica’s as someone named them. Thanks to Cody, we got all the planets named even the one dropped off the list. But how to know how they fitted into our solar system? In what order.So we devised our own mnemonic

Planet mnemonic mnemonic mnemonic KFS KFS
Mercury My Many Mary Mells Mercury
Venus Very Very Virgin VW Versus
Earth Educated Educated Explanation Engine Earth
Mars Mother men Made May might
Jupiter Just just Joseph Just just
Saturn Served screwed Suspect Stop survive
Uranus Us up Upstairs Us Universal
Neptune Nine Nature Neighbour Not Nuclear
Pluto Pizza’s Parking Power


As Jadzir reminded us, all of the planets, except for Earth, were named after Roman gods and goddesses.
MERCURY  Roman Winged Messenger, winged god of travel because he moves so fast
VENUS  Roman Goddess of Love, beautiful
MARS  Roman God of War
JUPITER  Chief Roman God (Jupiter is King of the Gods, an elected position)
SATURN  Former Roman God of Agriculture, retired. Replaced by his daughter, Ceres
URANUS  Former Roman God of the Sky, retired. Replaced by his grandson, Jupiter.
NEPTUNE  Roman Lord of the Sea
PLUTO  Roman Lord of the Underworld (Pluto is no longer considered a planet.)

When Pluto was demoted to a dwarf planet, mnemonics could no longer include the final “P

From now on, one planet a week, starting with the SUN next week.


KFS Planets

Of course, we did far more than Planets – we did rope climbing down the pit, dressing up in sticky willy,

KFS downhillKFS May 2019

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