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KFS – June 19 – Saturn

(We miss Molly, Luis, Danny)

Starting with MANHUNT, after which we did Saturn, the GAS GIANT, with ICE RINGS
Roman God of Agriculture – symbolised by the Sycel

FIND A TREE – tree personalities out of clay
Fin and Gabrielle made clay faces for the trees
Jack found a tenatious surviving Ash tree
Collection of wood, from Maya’s grandma, Sue who lives in Holton. She’d had some laylandii cut down and was giving us some of the wood. Strong Jack pulled the trolly all the way up hill.

Family of Penguins, dog, dog accessories

Rufus amazing den building

Maya was sick twice

Ava looked cool in sun glasses

John rocked up and told us he was an extra in Star Trek, Phantom Menace.

Leon made faces
Tristen a den

Jack and Rachel counted the rings on the felled Ash – 125, for 125 years

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