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KFS June 25 Shipwreck, Neptune, and Benders

KFS June 26KFS June 26 ISWKFS June 26 ISW NeptuneKFS June 26 Dead Hedge

A full on KFS day, starting with a dramatic storm, the finding of shipwrecked stuff to make tea, building shelters. But we managed to fit in our last planet, NEPTUNE, for which a TRIDENT arrived. Lewin, Levon and Tris worked on the black body of the ISW.

Meanwhile John Esling made a lean too behind the shed, and helped us make a dead hedge around our veg patch.

‘What did the astronaut do with his wife?
Take her out to Launch

‘Fresh storm arriving’ said Captain xx. ‘Quick as you can, build a den here’s the tarps, and ropes’  Led by Maya, the tribe built a tarp den safe in the wood.

At last we were all safe. Maya, Joy, Mable loved this part of the day best.

As it happened another den builder came today, John Elsing,AKA John the Hedge. He rocked up to build a lean too on the back of our shed for wood and all sorts. Using the near by long stands of hazel he wove these into the roof. It was as Captain x said, a thing of beauty.

Kym made the best lunch ever. Dough she’d made the night before formed the base of a fabulous pizza.

Manhunt was the most popular event of the day loved by Levon, Fin, Jack, Ava, Jack, and run by Eloise.

Finally we went down the Pits after weeks of not going, and the King Finder of All Things, Lewin, found a 1914 medal and a fiver. What eyes he has. Nothing of value and interest misses them. The pits were the favourite of Tris and Lewin.

Lewin also worked final wonders on the International Space Wagon, and finally we de rusted and sprayed the body a fresh mat black. What a transformation. The solar panels had arrived along with various other bits.

The God Neptune, AKS Bo, told us about the last two great gas planets, Uranus and Neptune, with a bit about Pluto. Brandishing a TRIDENT, fresh from a land of Ebay, he spoke to us of Uranus blue calm and Neptunes great storms.

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