2019, News

KFS September Wednesday

First Wednesday back at Forest School.
All 7 feret babies were dead.
Lemon Levon is going to be with Fin today
Eloise – didn’t find any Kwala but found Padamalong, smaller than a Kangaroo.
Mell – Swam in a Welsh night
Jadzia – had picked mushrooms in Sweden
Bo – had visited the Natural History Museum
Bonny – had found a baby weasel with 2 front legs not working and taken it to the vet.
Lewin – had mended and transformed my Peugeot racing bike. Been for a weekend to Yarmouth on the Blue Roller Coaster. Did you go on the Snails? Yes
Rufus got to the finals of Chess and Bo may play a game with.

With Rachel the tribe helped to build the stage for Woodwose
With Eloise they built a den and started shed restoration
With Mell we discussed values

Next week: Wink murder, Tree houses, Crystals, Suncatchers, Bo and the pair of swinging Pois. Shed sanding, Natural Dying.

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