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October – Motors & Bikes, spears, tarps, fungi and the entire planetary system mapped out.

While Maya was in the quiet zone, (a nest of tranquility and quilts made by Jadzia), her sister Grace countered with almost all day swinging on the swing, swung by Gabrielle and Luis.

Lewin smashed the new bike trailer, easily taking off the rotten wood – another project, and yet another bike project a Dutch bike to restore, sand off rust, oil joints. In between he managed to do a drawing of a wheel barrow.

Ali was with us. With his love of machines and mechanics and knots and tarps he was all over the place sorting out our little mountains.
First we played Dear Hunter with him, in which he counted head down like a deer eating, then quickly looked up, and who ever he saw was out, but if someone could get close enough to touch him while head down won.
With a charged battery, we got our little tractor going – the tractor which will pull the trailer which will carry the chords of wood for the winter. Of course, everyone wanted to drive the tractor, but blackmail was exposed. No driving until the trailer is repaired.
Finally With the help of Luis, Ali put up our tarp over the saw horse working area. With x he taught how to make spears axing the tip. Talking of which Jack also made fence stakes by pointing their ends working with Marisa. Games were demanded in between each of these useful practicalities, with the chant of ALI, ALI, through the woods.


Bo and I sorted out the entire solar system in our woods. Yes, the entire planetary system, we placed them all. With Lewin, and Marisa we began the construction of SATURN, using Bicycle wheels we’ve collected from around and Huggy. We need a whole lot more – may be 40! Later Bo worked with Gina on the blue tunic, a regular and beautifully concentrated work.


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