2019, News

KFS Wednesday October 30

PUMPKINS naturally. But before pumpkins came play, and today we had the wonderful and powerful and somersaulting, Ali, aka ANT. Oh and Kim, Gina and Rachel. (Mell and Eloise were teaching)

Tris AT LAST got the foundations of his Tree House, supported between 3 birches and a hazel. Tris and Cain were involved in cutting down some hazel for the supports. Laterm Lewin built a ladder.

Meanwhile Jack and Rachel extended and elaborated on the garden in time for the winter lay down to be ready for the spring. First we spiked some hazel, helped by Marisa, visiting us from Portugal, 10 pointed stakes in all were done. With the help of ANT of the 40 kilo lift, and Cain on the Fence Post Rammer, we got these well and truely secure into the ground. Between them Jack wove some hazel. We then planted into the wet ground some already sprouting roots Willow – Jacks favourite tree.

Maya was given charge of Kims phone and documented our day. She also made some delicious damper bread

Kym cooked the most delicious roast potatoes.

The girls hung about in their camp.

Gabriel tried to avoid being hugged, unsuccessfully.

Finally PUMPKINS were carved, their flesh and seeds removed, and with careful knife work faces were carved, with mouths vomiting the insides.

Next week, Lewin wants a rake, and to make a bench for the garden using the screw driver. Tris wants to continue with the tree house. We all want Ali to return!


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