2019, News

KFS Wednesday – Glorious Mud

What a glorious wet and mud full day. The ponds were full – including the flood pond, the oaks golden, the hazel ochre yellow.

Eloise and Mell did more work on the tree house with decking found in the back of a lorry by Rachel. Tris and Jack coated in mud, climbed up the first rungs of the ladder, secured with Mell knots.

Jack made sure our area saved from flooding by making ditches for water to soak way. Hazel made a whole river village, with bridges, and boats.

The girls very cleverly put up a tent and hibernated in the first morning rain before they befriended  a snail and made a snail treaty.

Lewin made a bike track with Levon testing it out.

Kim cooked delicious pasta followed by Pancakes, while Lewis kept the fire going but cutting with the axe the logs into small kindling pieces.

Rachel and Bo cleared the area for the new bender and did the first bend of hazel.

Mell spent the first 2 hours securing our new green parachute, making ways for leaves and water not to collect on it. Parachute survival.

Bo and Rachel made official positions for the planets, writing names on sticks to bang into position.



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