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KFS Wed – Eloise’s tea party, cycles, pheasants,blowing embers

KFS WedA day full of visitors, and Eloise’s very last Wednesday, oh we will miss her. She was as speedy as ever with our morning warm up wolf chase (1,2,3). There was a delightful tea party at the end, inspired by Eloise, of cucumber sandwiches (gluton free and gluton bread), blue berry hot x buns toasted on the fire, and Lysandra bought some mini cucumbers and fresh raspberry and strawberry’s and thanked Eloise for all she gifted to her children.

Enough of food. There was the ubiquitous mud, enjoyed by many. Rachel bought 3 pheasants for those interested to pluck and dissect and eat, roasted in Gina’s garlic butter and salt (oh dear back to food).

Lewin organised the many bikes collected. Unfortunately very few were for parts only, so we are STILL looking for more rims for Saturn. Virgina came by to chose one bike to keep for Lewin to restore and get into working condition. Her old original, a wonderful curvy bicycle we may use as our logo, our WOOD BICYCLE, may be elevated up a tree or on the ground with creepers weaving through it.

Meanwhile beside the fire Rachelle blew gently creating her ember hole on ash, joined by two of our tribe. Sue cut wood for our fire. Rachel planted willow around the new bender, and Fin suggested she took a series of photographs as the willow grew. She also planted some gifted box plants on a path towards our woodland angel. Eloise helped to cut up the pheasant with one of the tribe learning and taking a pheasant home to do later. Mell had back to back meetings, and failed to make her sausage rolls – next week.

We ended with cucumber sandwiches, in the falling light.

KFS Wed Cycles-3KFS Wed Cycles-2KFS Wed Cycles-6KFS Wed CyclesKFS Wed Cycles-5KFS Wed Cycles-4KFS Wed Cycles-9KFS Wed Cycles-8KFS Wed Cycles-10KFS Wed Cycles-11

KFS Wed Tea

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