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KFS Wed January – after storm Ciara

After storm Ciara, a  top of an oak fell, impacting the forest floor and leaving a limb dangling precariously above. We had to walk around Jupiter, which was strictly out of bounds. Mell arrived early to do a risk assessment issolating the dangerous area with keep out flags.


KFS Oak-2

We had singing almost all day when Leon and Maya found they both shared a love of Hamilton and knew all the songs despite neither having seen the musical. Bo introduced us to Hello Dolly, and we found the beginning of our theatrical extravaganza – Queen’s Don’t Stop me Now: ‘I’m a shooting star, leaping through the sky
Like a tiger defying the laws of gravity, Yeah, I’m a rocket ship on my way to Mars
On a collision course..’

Another common denominator was Myths, a passion of both Leon’s and Ryans. Creation myths were enthusiastically exchanged. Ryan’s knowledge of the Titans was very impressive. Could he be Pluto?

Fairy land was created by Megan, elightful peg fairies adorned with leaves. Luis bought in his remarkable bow – wood donated by Jadzia – arrows to be made and string found.

The passage from Sun to Mercury to Venus to Earth was created by Billy (helping to coppice the hazel) Rachel, Bo and Leon. All parts of bikes that could possibly be used were taken off (a potential of 2 bulls heads) by Dave and Lewin.

Sue got everyone warm with more than one game of manhunt, and

Mell made delicious pasta for lunch.

Invitations to the Vernal Equinox were handed out to families – it’s going to happen, counting down.


Leon reading to us round the fire, the myth of Neptunes son, saved by a dolphin (who later died) and from pirates. Behind Luis and Maya exchange bow etiquette.

KFS Story

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