2020, News

KFS Wed – more mud, climbing the felled oak, seeing Jupiter and birthdays

Luis mentioned Jack and Ave were in Italy, may be delayed with the Coronavirus outbreak there, so we discussed this virus and how with this connection the danger came to us in this Suffolk wood.
Gabrielle the Forgetful announced his imminent departure to the US and sadly he is leaving us just before our solar event, we will all miss him.

It was Pancake day – and Ryan did a clean pancake flip. He was keen to BE the fire.

Lewin and Billy started to take apart a bike.

KFS Wed Bike

Chris came to fit the new cool waterproof speaker and new controller to the Solar panels on the International Space Wagon, in time for the March 20th Eqinox.


Bo and Billy came to view the newly created JUPITER and held the earth to observe the scale.

KFS Solar Jupiterbobilly

It was Bo’s birthday week, he is now 10, and we also missed Broke’s over half term, so they agreed to share a celebration, and Mell made some delicious rice crispie cake.

KFS Wed Bo at 10

As we ate the delicious lunch curry cooked by Kym, an Astronomer arrived, Samual Johnson, who told us all about the ORION constellation. Did you know that when you look at one of its stars called Beetlejuice, you are looking at light 730 years old?

KFS Wed2

Meanwhile a 3 level hammock was put up between oaks. But most of the day was spent around the fallen oak – climbing on it’s huge trunk or hanging off it’s branches. Sue and Rachel worked with a team of good sawers to begin to cut up the branches across our trail.

A new Kinda wheelbarrow (kindly donated by Rachelle aka Grey Wolf) was assembled by Lewin and Ryan.

KFS Wed5And friendships, fun and laughter.



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