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KFS Wed March – climbing the fallen oak and Eloise’s tea party

It had been 2 or 3 weeks since the Monday tribe had come to the woods what with WINDS such as Denis and Ciara, so there were many changes to find. Above all MORE MUD, but the tribe all came kitted out in an rainbow array of boots and wet suits.

‘There’s nothing on the message tree’, Benny and Flynn announced. Ah, we said because the message is in a different place – it’s in PLAIN SIGHT. There it was on the Grandfather tree, an ancient willow still just alive.

The clue was – there has been a great oak fallen in the high winds, and the animals are climbing all over it.

Away they ran, Benny at the fore, running all around the west, returning, then ah ha, the east, they spied the great oak fallen.

For nearly an hour they climbed the fallen branches of the oak, finding ways to go round each other on the same branch, stepping well outside their comfort zones, being quite a distance from the forest floor. They saw the primeroses, the buds forming on the top of the oak, they saw, a woodsman working, felling some hazel. Rosie and Leela walked, then RAN the felled trunk of oak.

KFS Monday

Meanwhile Ambrose made some steps with Lorna, Leela and Rosie opened up the cafe for the animals.

THEN – we had a magical GUEST. ELOISE arrived ! A great excuse to have a tea party, to which she contributed a host of hearts, inside each a gift of beauty. And biscuits, pink and sweet. Lorna opened up the bags of donuts, we all drank hot chocolate. Eloise told us the story we all knew but love, the box in which all the animals came to live, finally the BEAR.


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