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Lockdown, zooming Monday – worms and listening to trees grow

With Lorna and Rachel with Gina zooming in, we welcomed the young tribe this Monday, our 2nd Zooming experience direct from Kaliwood – we are learning, and there is much to learn. We had a computer in the woods today, so we could see the zoomers arriving on a larger than mobile screen.

Rowan was the first to arrive followed by Rosie. Due to popular request last week, we visited the WORMERY. All 5 layers. One of our zoomers recognised the saddle, and Lorna talked us through the head and tail.  Finally engineer Lonra fixed the blockage and the worm pee ran out of the tap freely, into a pan. We took the pan immediately to fertilise our growing garden: our broad beans, our newly planted spinach and our emerging potatoes.

KFS 04 Monday-11


‘Listen. Put your ear to the tree. You can hear the sap rising.’ Lorna’s ear to a smooth barked Hazel. We moved to the Grandmother tree, a hollow Willow, dead in the middle, but still the sap was rising from the Cambium just under the skin of bark to feed the new willow growth at the top.




KFS 04 Monday-4KFS 04 Monday-5

We returned to the circle, to our fire, and to our tea party for nettle tea with Frog, Deer, and Spider. Fresh nettle heads were pounded with a pestle in a  mortar, into a sap green tea pot, with hot water poured over. Delicious sweet nettle tea. From this we learned how to make vegan honey with petals of dandelion – intriguing.

KFS 04 Monday

A final story before we bid farewell to all. A plan for next week – to visit POND LIFE.

KFS 04 Monday-2KFS 04 Monday-3KFS 04 Monday-6KFS 04 MondayKFS 04 Monday-8KFS 04 Monday-9KFS 04 Monday-10KFS 04 Monday-12





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