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Lockdown Zoom – Trampolines, Hawthorn, healing, Piza base printing

Stick go round developed the theme of 10 different things to do with a trampoline which included sleep in it or under it, and Eloise was evidently keeping her baby ducklings under it, may be a place for chickens too?

Tris’s Lamborghini, Leon’s 21st birthday, Lauri and Flyn have been books and making butter (Cream, Jam Jar and Mum, no Marble). Brook added to her beautiful creation of a mermaid. Benny made a fabulous zip it down tent using a Singer Sewing machine. Hazel and Levon got a trampoline gifted (!) Eva made a rainbow family tree. Jessica said they may be getting goats, and we wondered how many goats it would take to tow a static motor home which was even heavier as her mum was studying in side  of it. Ryan announced that the cress in egg experiment had come to a full stop – the cress had died. He thinks lack of sunlight. However, he did become a good fairy for a day, delivering gifts to people in Halesworth living alone on VE Day.

Hawthorn-FIWith Flora cooking up her concoction including hawthorn white flowers, we got into the Hawthorn.
NOSE / SMELL – it smelt like Mazipan
FEEL – delicate flowers but sharp thorn
EYE/SIGHT – we drew its three cornered leaf
HEARING – ah we didn’t do this as Flora was ready

Names of Hawthorn – what would you call it? common hawthorn, hawthorn, May tree, one-seed hawthorn, whitethorn, quickthorn,parsley-leaved hawthorn, downy hawthorn. A bit about the Hawthorn here

What does HAW mean, where does it come from?That’s the task of the tribe to find out

Rachelle reminded us that the Genus name, Crataegus, is derived from the Greek kratos “strength” because of the great strength of the wood.

Flora arrived, resplendent in a hat  made from the fleece of an animal she wrestled in Bulgaria and then felted. She later made one for Paddington as he left the forest for London.  Under her hat she made hawthron flower juice, which she was preparing by boiling water and sugar and hawflowers on the fire. With a generous gesture Flora showed us what we could do with the beautiful haw flowers, they made perfect confetti.

Rachelle introduced us to the Hawthorn connections. As a medicinal plant of heart and healing.  Hawthorn is used for diseases of the heart and blood vessels. The leaves are edible, and if picked in spring when still young, are tender enough to be used in salads. Rachelle also spoke of the big moon we recently experienced.

Sue introduced us to the idea of lino cutting with  difference: She used the foam from a pizza base instead of lino so the children could have a go. She used a pencil to make the pattern and acrylic paint with a bit of cooking oil to make the ink. She used a roller to roll the paint on the cut pizza foam base evenly  before printing.

Finally we got to drink Flora’s concoction, haw juice. Delicious. What was it’s SMELL – the last of our senses? Marzipan of course.

Next week ASH





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