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Back to the woods! July 2020

Oh so good to be back to the woods.

‘It’s like being in a rain forest’, said one, and it was. Rare for East Anglia we had rain most of the day, but we didn’t care.

Loads of preparation work, massive hours on COVID Risk Assessments, all ropes taken down, tippy taps created, Clarissa converted to easy wipe.

The highlight of the day was the dragon. Books on dragons inspired the creation of a dragon out of a fallen oak. Mell was taught about dragon eggs and dragon poo.

Michael arrived with a moth catcher, with one moth in it.

Mell opened up the microscope on a mobile phone and though this we looked at skin and hair.

We got the ‘logo’ bike in position near the bender, for the hazel to weave in and out of it.

We set a trail through the woods.  We did cooking and carbon collecting.

There was lots of hand washing, lots of laughing, more hand washing and even a visit from Doctor Who and the time traveling Flora!

At the end of the day we heard a discussion on how believing in something helped the doing of it, inspired by Luke sky-walker.

Bring on Forest School.


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