2020, News

July 2020 – Dragons birthing, pits, whittling.

‘There is always one potato left behind’

Two new brothers came today to make up to 7 with the same 5 facilitators, Leon and Megan fresh from Forest School training at the weekend. It could not be better for our gradual acclimatiaation back to post COVID 19 Forest School. Next week we will be 10.

At the Virtual Talking Stick go round, we gathered what they wanted to do and some of us were given new Forest School names (My new name is Wren). Birthing a Dragon and preparing for a death of a dragon, small dragons created.  A Bee funeral in Kaliwoods . Whittling a dragons head.  Very disappointing potato harvest – one. Picnic lunch at the pits, filling up a hole, running where the horses turned, a competition between Goblin and Mermaid Yoga  On the way back we met up with an Elder who was looking for exactly the caterpillar we were looking at, and may be she will join us at Forest School.

What were the galls on the goat willow tree?

Next week flint knapping, a Dragons Protection Agency, and woodland walk



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