2020 Autumn – Sept – Fruits, lethal fungi, conflict resolution, exploring ditches, gifts

Our first day back in the woods was a glorious warm September day. Tippy Taps at the ready, we gathered, a familiar tribe with a few new commers: Millipede, Shrew, Wren, Blackberry, NutjobMoonshaddowElf (Elf for short), Blue Bear, Panther, Scar-Wolf, Moss, Tree-creeper, Lemon, Sad-Snake, Orange-Eagle-Eyes, The Two Foxes, Blackwinged-sabertoothed-ringed-waterfox (Vulpus Vulpus for short), and Whale-Artimis-Eagle-Albatross-ladybird (phew), all gathered.

After some lethal fungi was found on the Dragon, we washed hands again, searched for other fungi in the wood, and found Turkey Tail and bracket fungus. Tree Creeper thought he found some Slime Mold and will research this further – is it animal or plant, with intelligence or not?

There was an old score to settle, an old battle between the Dragon Riders and the Mafia, (Tree Creeper as the messenger between tribes) and the tribe settled it, led by SadSnake with impressive conflict resolution, facilitated skillfully by Millipede. (If only our world leaders where so accommodating). A new village began to emerge.

Two games – one of IT and another of of riddles, encompassing the Death by Olive Oil mouse, and culminating in an exploration of a dry ditch, in which we could see some of what is usually hidden underground, maple tree roots, moss, homes of various creatures.

Crafting was creative, with gifts from Blue Bear for Shrew and Wren.

Moss inspected the garden that he had last seen in March, recognising the willow growing, the mint and nasturtiums as edible, and the triffid like squashes that were happily sprawling out of the gate.

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