Sept – wasp multistory, d&d, visiting rats, escaping squash and the making of Clive the compost toilet

A day of the wasp. On the day Mell was recovering from a wasp sting, still raw in her arm, Brook bought in a massive complex of magical wasp creation including what we all named the multistory. And the woods own nest was no more.

“Can we bring both our ferrets in to forest school”.. Mell: “Mmm you’ll need to complete a risk/benefit analysis so we can decide”. They then sat, asked what it all meant and filled one in each. They decided the benefits out weighed the risks so ‘Two ferret Wednesday” is happening soon.

An enormously popular D&D back story was begun with Leon the magician.

Meanwhile Brian and Sam stood by while Lewin put the joints together of the shed that will become our new compost toilet. Jack and I cleared and found underneath a ww2 concrete path .

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