November Wed: Wood music, Kinda Restaurant, leaf waxing, hammocks, war and peace

TTreecreeper evolved Oasis into Monks of the Zodiac, and Lupus Lupus was full of himself partly like many delighted to find banana cake and tuna salad at ABanana’s Kinda Village Restaurant. Some made war and whittled swords, and others joined the war to end the war. Two by the fire waxed leaves and all sorts, like moss collected by Magpie Meg, a cone, a Turkey Tail, all hung up on a mobile, the evening sun shining through them as they danced.

Blake Elf gave us a sound, from a tin with a spring, like a singing siren one said.

Our morning began with a visit to the Kinda Village Restaurant, where one of our tribe had bought in some home made DELICIOUS banana cake

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