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March 2021 – We’re back in the woods – March 1-15

The first week of March, almost exactly one year since lockdown and the arrival of the Coronavirus, schools were permitted to open, and we did.

The wood was drying out, although with showers visiting. Primroses, snowdrops, Spurge laurel in flower, and Dogs Mercury promising to return, the ground starts before the sap rises in the trees.

Po handling our administration, staff sorted, Mell supported all sessions the first week – here is how we did

Monday – Parent and Toddler – While week one was a gentle introduction, week 2 was FULL – thank fully with volunteer Alice. On the 2nd week, as the pneumatic drill of the woodpecker resounded around the woods, we rescued meerkats and pandas, invited the frog for tea at the coffee shop, planted pumpkin seeds, met the worms of our wormery, hung about in the yoga sling and shared the sunshine with friends. And just in case we didn’t have enough wood to burn on our first – one pink wheel barrow arrived full of kindling.

Tuesday – Home Ed, younger tribe, led by Mell with Meg

Spring was in the air…..Planning was devised, and written up on the shed blackboard. It was a day of elf cups, yoga slings, draw knives, story, relaxing, hiding, woodland caretaking and mud. It was so amazing to see everyone ❤️ looking forward to all the tribe has planned for next week… And all the things we haven’t planned

Wednesday – Home Ed –

The first Wednesday the wind blew – more in Bungay than Halesworth at first, but boy did it come, so sadly, and it’s always a tough call, Meg called the day off, and the families informed. It was a good call – some dead branches were snapped off, the ash trees swayed.

Kali Tours

We have a new tour system for families who wish to visit us to see what we do – we’re becoming very popular. With two families visiting per session this gives us quality time to discuss each child’s needs visions of family.

Kinda Tree Plan

Kally, taking Mells design on a journey, created Kinda a plan tree, and inspired Meg for the end of day debrief. Not only a Day Debrief, Meg also developed individual child debrief and the cleaning list. She loved making them!

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