2021, News

March Holiday clubs

Tuesday – Holiday club camp fire cooking

“When you sit and you council for the welfare of the people,think not of yourself,nor of your family.Make your decisions on behalf of the seventh generation coming.Those faces looking up from the earth,layer upon layer waiting their time.Defend them.Protect them.They are helpless, they are in your hands.That is your duty.Your responsibility.You do that, you yourself will have peace.”– Chief Oren Lyons quoting the Peacemaker”

Wednesday Holiday club

Music was heard in the woods, Blake on his silver flying saucer, Draw knifes, seed planting, tree climbing, chess playing, squelching in mud, elders supporting youngers, stag and doe and some serious sunshine. Gloriously sunny Wednesday spring session with nearly no mud! We played games old and new, hung in hammocks, made music by the fire, whittled, foraged, explored and ran wild through the trees – lots of fun was had!

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