2021, News

April Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and arrival of Giant Bath Bomb

With Monday Tribe we had smelly potions and aloe vera magic, a letter from Eagle Edna, missing hedgehogs to find, tours on wheels around the woods, water play, baking on the fire πŸ”₯, digging for treasure, fire wood collecting, pheasant searching, tyre pumping up-ing, story time with Sandra and best of all was seeing this tribe doing their thing and hanging out together as friends πŸ’šβ€οΈπŸŒ³πŸŒ± We love Mondays πŸ’š


Wednesday Home Ed

Had a brilliant day with our Wednesday tribe! We have a new space addition kindly donated of a colourful dome which got filled with deep game play and creativity in beteeen running around and play! The day was full of magic including delicious treats from our mud kitchen, crafting, wood working and mallet making, plenty of laughter, tree house chilling, and lots of bouncing and balancing in our new slack line!

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