May 10,11,12 – Maypole dancing of course, bees, and values


A beautiful day in the woods with our a Wednesday Tribe – bursting with the sounds of the wild, play and laughter. The day was full of magic, music, dancing and swirling with poi, respectful dueling, foraging and wild tea making, communal munching, consensus decision making and discussion on the values within play, wood chopping and crafting, bog oak and petrified wood were showed around the circle while the tribe listens to the woods and each other.

Tuesday Tribe

Maypole dancing, cooking club, tree house pigs, washing up, gardening and general community creativity!

Monday 10th Bees, treasures, dragons, tours…

Monday Magic 🪄 our message from Eagle 🦅 Edna invited us to think about bees 🐝! Bee families were created, clay mud balls rolled and plopped into puddles, worm love, wild potato planting, finding treasures, climbing dragons 🐉, wheelbarrow tours, draw knife action, Pappas drinking herbal teas and some yummy pancakes whilst listening to a story from Crazy Coot! Awesomeness explosion 💥

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