Elders Week 1 April 19 – Carding the wool, where we were from, woodland tour, scones with jam

Our first Weaving with Elders in the wood. The team, Shona, Kally and Rachel were prepared with a loose structure. Lets begin with the yarn, we said and Kally set up her carding combs with her loom tantalizingly under the bender canopy of yet to burst out hazel.

Cups of tea out of white porcelain cups (thank you Tamsyn) greeted the 10 Elders, some of whom came on the Halesworth Community Bus driven by Gabrielle, and some made their own way. Some were recommended by Halesworth Volunteer centre, and Karen came to stay for the day.

Dean (Parkin, the poet) stayed the day too, drawing tea pots over the fire, taking notes, and listening for his project Halesworth Whispers. There was plenty to hear here as it turned out, and not only birdsong – which seemed particularly strong that afternoon.

We began with introductions, where we’d all come from – from Boston (Mas not Lincs), Berkshire, no roots, Switzerland,Cheshire, East London, Norwich, Lowestoft, somehow we’d all arrived in Kaliwoods this day.

We toured the wood (including casing the joint of Clarissa our compost toilet), through the planets from Mercury (gone missing – often happens with the winged messenger as one observed) to Neptune. At the cabin we heard from Rachel the story of wood and specifically Lockdown in the wood, when Sam came and stayed and coppiced.
Back at the fire, we began our weaving with Kally instructing us on carding, carding the wool, and spinning the yarn. Gabrielle turned out to be an expert.

We ended with scones with strawberry Jam and our circle round the fire reflecting the day. Here is what one said:

‘I’ve had the longest conversation in a year. I’m wearing a smile, unlike my usual grumpy face. ‘

‘I’ve lost my sense of smell, but surprisingly I can smell the wood smoke and now will associate it with weaving, trees, spring, the walk in the wood.’

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