May Monday/Tues/Wed


Shona and the parent and toddler tribe with Alice.


We started with animals – Remember the 3 animals and 3 reasons for? (How others see you, how you see yourself, how you are) . Each gave their spirit animal and finally we did animal YOGA, yes starting with the chicken (upper body arm clucking), closely followed by the stealthy fox and what was that animal impossible to pronounce – the Megalodon, an extinct shark, bee, chameleon, squirrel, mouse, otter, barn owl, newt, guinea pig, sparrow, unicorn.

Delicious sweet potato and beans for lunch – what could be better on a rainy day? I learnt some Spanish. This is a tree – Esto es un árbol.

Wednesday tribe

Talk of things to throw (safely), javalins, knives, axes, cross bow, darts, bicycle wheels, balls, catapults, (a need of visors and body armor needed)
Talk of icecreams – salted caramel, vanilla, strawberry, lemon sorbet, pea ice cream (YES) southwold chocolate special (diabetes in a cup), chocolate mint, bubble gum
Krates incorporated was dissolved and merged into something else (Zombie apocalypse?) , after Kinda Kash was distributed.
A beautiful bone needle was shown to us.

All sorts of tea was made, (as Kally describes Communit-tea) using Jack by the hedge, nettle, beech and hawthorn, and our thirst was quenched throughout the day. The rain came and went.

Bird boxes were decorated. Swords made. A play is being prepared. Bee keepers were watched.

We listened to bird song at the start and were taped out to an echo song at the end.

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