Elders Week 8 – Reflection, Consequences, Qi Gong

We gathered, for the last time in this set of 8, reflecting on the past weeks. Joining us was Kevin and Jo from the Pear Tree Trust, and Guy – all the way from Norwich, and by surprise Dean the poet in search of the word Squishy.

In our traditional circle go round, some were tired, some hopeful.

Continuing on from last week, our warm up task was WORD consequences (thank you Serena for reminding us about this).
HE/SHE/IT said ….
HE SHE IT replied ….
And the conequence was
An amazing amount of subjects revolved around FOOD! There were two …..

We went locally for our last Tai Chi/Qi Gong with Naomi, who stood beside Venus, and instructed:
Breath in. Heaven to Earth. Gather in. Breath out up into the canopy of green. Press up to the heaven. Standing like a tree.
Pieces of Brocade – this was what we were working on each week. Eight silken weaving movements, in the practice of Qi Gong.
– Standing like a tree.
– Hold up the heavens
– Draw the bow
-Separate Heaven and Earth
– Clench Fists and punch out
– Bouncing on toes

It struck me as I sat on a log, took down notes, observed rather than partook, how beautifully fitting this Qi Gong was within our project. Not only the idea of weaving, the to and fro of a shuttle, the Qi Gong weaving of silk, but this was called 8 pieces of Brocade, and here we were on our 8th week, the 8th time we had gathered.

Into small groups of 4 we completed our final tasks: our final weave, our entry into our journal, our game of tiddlewinks or words, our finding of woodland themes. Our time ran out.

Returning to the circle we listened to a story of the bringing back of fire …. from Sue

Our last task was to cut the tapestry we had woven. Jack did the honours. Kally bought it around for us to see our parts in it.

Finally, scones jam and CAKE today, and we reflected on our day and our time here in the woods.

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