2021, News

The Grand Unveiling of the Tapestry at the Pear Tree

A visit from Kevin Vaughan from the Pear Tree Fund on our last day, bore great fruit. Not only did he offer a space to hang our combined tapestry, he enjoined us to collabourate with the Pear Tree Fund in the future. It would be our pleasure.

On the the day of the grand unveiling, news flashed in on our emails that a new funding bid had been successful and we had funding to continue to roll our this project Autumn 2021 and Summer 2022. Hooray.

Kally finished off the tapestry in her creative style, hanging it on a hazel branch, and with Kevin chose a good space in the Pear Tree on which to hang it. With some trepidation, we drilled two holes in the immaculate wall, and fixed the tapestry to it.

All the Elders came to the Pear Tree – for some the first time. Naturally tea and scones and jam were offered. Kevin introduced them to the space. Shona, Rachel and Kally said a few words. Naomi led us in our last Tai Chi in the atrium space. Finally Chris unveiled the tapestry.

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