Water to Kaliwoods!

After four years of filling, lifting, dragging, wheeling gallons of water to the woods (mostly from East Lodge), we have water, connected to the mains. Thanks partly to East Suffolk Council Community Restart Grant (and partly to Rachel’s pocket) this work was completed June 6th 2022, one of the unusually wet and cold summer days.

The grant funding was suggested by Kevin Vaughan from the Pear Tree. Application filled in, grant accepted, Essex and Suffolk contacted. After a survey which found the mains at our entrance, the work began. Quotes gathered in. Myles Yallop from Ground Works rocked up one Sunday, to dig a trench out of clay and World War 2 concrete, lay the blue water pipe, covered in sand and protector, photographed and back-fill. Essex and Suffolk came and connected all under pressure. It was our first day of Monday SEN children arriving – luckily only 4 of them.

Myles will return back to re-cover the entrance with road plainings.

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