Time in our Life – Socratic Dialogue at the Pear Tree

At the end of May, we had a Socratic Dialogue to ask the question: Why do we find it difficult to talk about death and dying?. Based at the Pear Tree, we examined the question, chose an example, and investigated this question as it related to this example. One of the key components of the Socratic method is to draw from our own personal experiences and Kevin was a good example giver who shared his experience with us.

Here we are at the beginning – investigating the question – and the end, saying why we found it difficult to talk about death and dying.

This was part of our year long project Time in our Life – a joint venture between The Pear Tree and Kinda Education and Compassionate Communities. Our next meeting will be at the summer solstice, where all who have been involved in organising this project will gather in the woods.

A full report is here

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