KFS End of year Reviews

We meet under the hornbeams, once a year, to reflect, take stock and describe what we saw in the past year and what we see today and into a future.

Here we are – what a community! We began 4 years ago, with the Home Ed group Wednesdays, some of whom are still with us. We’ve gone from 4 facilitators (two then untrained) to a team of 16! Our latest additions, being Lottie and Dinah, and including a valuable and creative and wonderful group of volunteers.

Through the reviews it became clear that one of our successes is the community of facilitators, supportive of each other, working along side each other, and playing together.

Community Forest School, led by Kally, with Lesley, Heidi, Nikki, and Diana
Monday Forest School, led by Heidi with Eloise represented by a mask, with Kally, Nikki, Lotti, Dinah and Heidi
Tuesday Forest School, led by Meg, with Theo, Clare, Heidi, Nela, Lotti Kym, Martin
Wednesday Forest School led by Blake and Mell, with Meg, Heidi and Theo

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